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Ever Wondered What Career Path Your Child Will Embark Upon?



Written by Gregory L. Sheehy



As parents we have all pondered as to the vocational outcomes of our children.



We all wish for our children to be successful, adjusted, and happy with their future as they journey the long path that is awaiting their presence.



As many of us are aware there is never a simplistic answer to Life`s outcomes.



There are a multitude of variables that affect our children`s future. Included among these are their innate abilities (gifts), how they respond to the external environment (media, social, educational, religious institutions), pregnancy experiences, parental personalities, home life experiences and early vocational experiences.



The combination of these factors and others such as family dynamics that affect our children`s development and future aspirations which is also interdependent upon parental vocation and expectations.



These are also the areas I examine when helping those who come before me for healing guidance and direction.



There is a plethora of variables that affect our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual outcomes through behavioral conditioning and goal setting.









The Chakra System with Greg Sheehy 2012


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As a diagnostic healer and psychic and former senior executive in corporate Australia, I examine these areas.



In addition, I also look at individual`s birthdates, their parent`s birthdates, in order to determine behavioral, personality, health energy patterns that are carried through the cellular memory of the gene poole.



Consequently, I am able to provide an accurate profile for the individual, in terms of what they have experienced (such as parental divorce, emotional suppression, sport etc.) and how they are likely to journey.




Question 1. What is a Diagnostic Healer?



From my personal perspective, as a diagnostic healer I have the ability to `see` into the body using my psychic gifts.



This process includes, but not limited to understanding what has happened to the physical aspects of the body as well as the emotional stresses the patient has experienced thus far in their lifetime.



I see images of certain events that have impacted upon many people. For example, these may include a death, divorce, birth travel, car accident and other significant events that affect a person.



I see the imprint of these events on people`s cellular memory.




The Chakra System with Greg Sheehy 2012




An aspect of the healing process is to energetically extract the specific event or trauma from the cells identified cells in the body in question.(cellular memory)



The Healing Process also includes balancing the body`s (chakras and auric fields).



For a patient who sees me with a physical problem, I can energetically infuse their body with healing energy that comes from my hands.



In a more generic direction and as a psychic, I also have the ability to immerse my consciousness into the energy field of my client and by invoking the healing Spirit energy that impacts upon their past, present and future.



It is the `Divine Essence` of Spirit that assists as a healer to `see` not only what needs to be achieved, but also the level of healing that may be required.




Why Do You Look at Birthdates



The magic and vibration in our numbers can tell a lot about us as individuals.



In another aspect of my psychic work, our birth numbers tell of the life we are born to live.



For example, and dependent upon parental numbers, a son may have the same technical or trade motivations as his father, similar personality, height and personality traits, eating habits and health profile.






The Chakra System with Greg Sheehy 2012

Our birth numbers can tell a lot our children`s personality, ie; if they are timid, or outgoing, sensitive, stubborn, or suppress their emotions.

A child`s numbers gives me insight into how parents can better approach them and understand them.

From a future perspective, a child`s birth date can strongly indicate the types of work choices they would be best suited to; professional, trade, music, sport, animals.

Their numbers would also indicate any health problems that may have been passed down ancestral lines which may affect their behavioral abilities.

The variations to this core energy, would depend upon family attitudes, divorce, and where the child or adolescent is within their psychological self, (how they see themselves, attitudinal formation, support structures, external influences such as school, sport and the like) at any given time.

From the above, and at times commensurate with healing that may be required to alleviate anxiety or other health concerns, I determine the most appropriate life direction options available to the client which may or may not be realized.

From my experiences in life, a lot of disharmony occurs within negative surroundings or unexpected trauma which has not been dealt with effectively.

More specifically, emotional trauma manifests into the physical when these emotions are suppressed.

As a diagnostic healer I work in these areas to clear emotional debris, and allow children to explore their full potential.