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Psychic Services

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Readings will be conducted via Zoom unless other rearrangements have been made.
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Psychic Meduim

Senses used by mental mediums are sometimes defined differently in other paranormal fields. A medium is said to have psychic abilities.  Not all psychics function as mediums.  Mental mediums purportedly “tune in” to the spirit world by listening, sensing, or seeing spirits or symbols. Physical mediums are believed to produce materialization of spirits, apport of objects, and other effects such as knocking, rapping, bell-ringing, etc. by using “.

Psychic Reading

 A Psychic Reading is a specific attempt to discern information through the use of extrasensory perception (ESP) which is naturally hidden from our normal sense such as sight, sound, touch and taste.  Those who have the ability to perform such acts are apparently inexplicable by natural laws. A psychic uses their intuition to receive information about someone’s past, present and future in a way of offering guidance, inspiration, a fresh perspective or strategies for dealing with challenging events.

Medical Intuitive Reading

Medical Intuitive Reading will describe and specifically identify the source of your physical health issues and symptoms, pinpoint any specific health problems and how they started and what can be done to resolve them. This work is done by intuitively scanning the body for areas or imbalance that may need alignment or treatment. Often times the Medical Intuitive will be able to explain the connection of the energy to an emotion or an event causing the illness.